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Sex and Soul: A Memoir of Salvation

Sex and Soul: A Memoir of Salvation by Cristina L. White is the first publication from Letter Pen Press. It is available now from Amazon, Barnes and NobleSmashwords, and through your local bookstore. Sex and Soul is about the quest to reconcile body and soul; it is an intimate look at a struggle between the dictates of a Catholic upbringing and the call to be true to one’s sense of self. In a story of transition from compliance to nonconformity, Cristina L. White shares her sexual awakening, spiritual transformation, and her political affinities—a trinity that fueled her change from good Catholic girl to an out and open gay woman of color.

Sex and Soul Cover

Sex and Soul is a frank and often funny account of how one woman’s road to damnation became her sole path to salvation.

The First Reviews Are In

“This is the kind of book that validates both our hopes and our fears, the kind of book we wait years to read. Sex and Soul is a delicate exploration of relationships and identity that will leave you wondering why you haven’t opened yourself more to others and to life. Here is a daring portrayal of the human capacity to both define and be defined by love—love of self, love of God, and love of women.”

— Larina Warnock, poet and author of Guitar Without Strings

“The first paragraph had me. Read it three times before I could go on. My eyes and heart were opened. Cristina’s writing is poetry. She writes about the search for love, something we all share.” — Marion Whitney

“A beautifully crafted memoir with so many lyrical, poetic images. A life well lived…and a story told with great heart and soul.” — Linda Elin Hamner, Author and Emmy Award winning writer

“Cristina can write. If you are interested in life, read this book.” — D. Hayes

“Ms. White’s memoir is illuminating and fascinating. Her courage in following her heart to find her own place in the world is inspirational. She shows how fundamentally alike all humans are in their need for a meaningful life.” — Corinne Greve

Available for eReaders

Sex and Soul is available at Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook), and Smashwords (Apple, Sony, and Nook) for $3.99.


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