These Several Women: Love Poems is a collection of  poetry about love, desire, and memory.  All those who have been in love, who have known passion and heartbreak, will find an echo of their own memories here. And if you are a woman in love with another woman, somewhere in these poems, you will recognize yourself.

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“Cristina White’s poems…are hymns of honest gratitude for the memories of loves lost and the persistence of longing. In them, women who love women will surely recognize the sweet paradox of evanescent hope amidst her celebration of shining, small details.”

—Claire Goodman, Professor Media Arts, Long Island University

“Cristina White’s poems brings the love between two women seductively into focus. ‘Now there are no hours/nor minutes, nor seconds/only this moment when/we are silent/while our hearts speak.’  The very act of reading these rich poems opens us up to the deepest experience available on this planet—that of love.”

—Jade Rosina McCutcheon, Director, Scholar, and Author

“A beautifully written collection of poems, pulsing with an overarching lyrical rhythm. From the first quivering anticipation to graceful sensual discovery through to love’s abiding depth, these poems reflect the universal heartbeat of what it is to love and in loving, discover yourself. Whoever you love and share your life with, these poems will touch you with their honesty and beauty.”

—Terri Thomas, Performer, Voice-Actor, Writer

Sex and Soul: A Memoir of Salvation  was the first publication from Letter Pen Press. It recounts the author’s struggle between the dictates of her religious upbringing and the call to be true to her own sense of self. It traces her transition from good Catholic girl to an out and proud gay woman. The memoir affirms the worth of each person’s search to understand and claim their own authenticity.

“I grew up in a world where it seemed that all women weere meant to marry, and it was expected that every girl wanted to be a bride. I wanted to be Roy Rogers.”

Print and ebook editions are available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Print editions are also available through your local bookstore.


“This is the kind of book that validates both our hopes and our fears, the kind of book we wait years to read.”

—Larina Warnock, Poet and Author

“Ms. White’s memoir is illuminating and fascinating. Her courage in following her heart to find her own place in the world is inspirational. She shows how fundamentally alike all human beings are in their need for a meaningful life.”

—Corrine Greve

“Cristina can write. If you are interested in life, read this book.”

—D. Hayes

“Ms. White…stands as a beacon for all who want authenticity and integration for ourselves and for the world we live in.”

—K. Brown